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There's a saying that "people are like motorcycles, each is customized a bit differently". The same can be said for the handcrafted leather products at KM Leathers. Kirk Lindsay's passion for custom leather work, creating original designs and attention to detail is evident in the superior quality and uniqueness of each item he is commissioned with. Kirk was a craftsman for several years as well as doing leather work such as dyeing jackets, small repairs and custom designing as a hobby prior to opening KM Leathers.

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The best leather and quality hardware are used to extend the life of all KM Leathers products. Each item is fully warranted against defects in workmanship and materials. Warranty is limited against manufacturer defects on such things as broken snaps, loose or torn stitching and bent rivets/conches. Product warranty does not cover:

• Modifying the product (ripping or tearing in order to stretch, punching new holes)

• Water damage (immersing the product in water when swimming or due to weather elements)

• Fire damage (trying to dry out product near a fire or other heat source or products involved in house fires)

• Excessive wear (abuse, using the product for a purpose it wasn't intended for, making your own carvings, cutting or shortening item)



If the product you receive is not the item you requested you will receive your money back in full or have the right product mailed to you.



Returns are only granted if you receive the wrong product. All products are custom made by KM Leathers to exact customer details and specifications. 

If you think your product warrants a return please explain the problem in writing and include photos. A $12 shipping and handling fee is required.



Please allow 3 - 4 weeks delivery time. Time may be less depending on the size of your order or product demand. After you select, order and pay for a product a receipt will be issued to you. You will receive a phone call when your product is finished. A standard charge of $12 will be charged for shipping and all orders will be handled through Canada Post unless you request express or same day delivery in which case a courier service will be provided at an extra charge (ie: UPS, Fed Ex). To ensure customer satisfaction you will receive a phone call within three days to see if your order has arrived and you are happy with it.



KM Leathers reserves the right to refuse service, terminate accounts and/or cancel orders in its discretion, including, without limitation, it believes customer conduct violated applicable laws or is harmful to the interests of KM Leathers. This includes requests to complete products or images that are deemed offensive.

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